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Star debut: Khmelnytsky co-operation on the LED screen

In Khmelnytsky, in the Yunist shopping center, on the corner of Kamyanets and Primakov streets, an LED screen is installed. This place is historically a crossroads of key roads. So, of course, it gives the opportunity to bring important information to the community of the regional center.

So, from December 5 till December 15, a video about the historical heritage and everyday consumer cooperatives (advertising materials of the Ukrkoopspilka and the Khmelnytsky Consumer Union) was presented on the screen. The main purpose of this action is to promote consumer cooperation in the city, in particular, to promote the growth of the number of shareholders, as well as to interest investors in cooperation, to expand the scope of cooperation, and in particular, in advertising.

And since December 16, on the screen are covered shares, unique proposals, campaign materials on the work of the subjects of the Khmelnitsky consumer society, including educational establishments, tenants and partners of the UNITY shopping center, social rollers of the city and information messages of municipal utilities. This creates the preconditions for the implementation of a certain orientation of the Ukrkoopsol'ky board "Own to your own."

Their impressions of the effectiveness of new methods of popularizing consumer cooperatives shared:

Lyudmila Konopelniuk, director of Yunost shopping center:

− The latest information tools create competitive advantages for my native co-operation. Every day, I am glad to respond to visitors that consumer co-operation is open to all and invites you to join, through the development of broad forms of cooperation.

Serhiy Blinder, a member of the fighting:

− I am pleased that I am one of the co-operators, and the appearance of advertising on consumer co-operation, I suppose, should add information about it. It is worth talking about our achievements, we do our best to do this.

This publication of the Khmelnytsky Consumer Union Board and the Khmelnytsky Region Co-operatives express their gratitude to the heads of district consumer unions and consumer associations, local authorities of the city of Khmelnytsky for the support of the initiative to install the LED screen.