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Good Marketing

Nedrigaylivskiy market "Posulya" under the brand СООР has been modernized from the former department store. It occupies the first of two floors − 400 sq. m area.

− At the store, we chose the very first floor and the second one was given to the tenants, − says Mykola Motuznyi, deputy director of the State Enterprise "Sumykoopopttorg", as buyers come from both young and old, who may not be comfortable walking up the stairs. But they placed the goods compact, grouping them so that the buyer chose with amenities: separately − food and industry; Do not forget to mark the place for stationery and household goods: utensils, napkins, rugs, etc.

And the pleasure here is from what to get. First, the store was equipped with beautiful shelves, which allow you to place goods in accordance with the rules of merchandising. It attracts visitors, encourages them to make purchases. There are a lot of goods here − up to 5 thousand names. The monthly turnover reaches UAH 900 thousand, which indicates the purchasing power and competent marketing policy of the store.

The latest novelty of the "Propeller" is the racking with children's shoes, - emphasizes Nikolai Petrovich. It is very comfortable and has an attractive appearance. Consequently, buyers first pay attention to this product, especially since the prices for shoes are quite democratic, and then go further, to other goods.

One of the peculiarities of sales in the market is that it sells several kinds of sweets at one price here: it concerns both chocolate and caramel groups. It also encourages buyers, as they can, for example, buy two chocolate candies in each of the 6 species, then to give preference to those who are particularly fond of taste.

What attracts in the "Posul"? First of all, a variety of goods, neat showcases, cleanliness that prevails everywhere, as well as friendly sellers who can provide advice on the quality of goods, its manufacturer, the main characteristics, etc.