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An international scientific and practical conference took place in Lviv

On November 2, the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Strategic Priorities for the Development of Ukraine's Domestic Trade on Innovative Basis" was held in the assembly hall of the Lviv Trade and Economic University. The event was organized by Ukrkoopspilka COOP-Ukraine, Lviv Trade and Economic University, Kyiv National Trade and Economic University, Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Kharkiv State University of Food and Trade, and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine and the CIS.

Participation in the work of the conference was taken by: the chairman and members of the Board of Ukrkroopspole, members of the boards of the regional consumer unions, managers and representatives of large domestic trading companies (National trading network Epitsentr K, Limited Liability Company "Market of agricultural products" Shuvar ", Limited Liability Company Trade- manufacturing company "Lvivkholod", etc.), rectors and representatives of domestic and foreign universities, representatives of research institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and professors Danish collective, postgraduate students and university students.

The forum was opened by the Chairman of the Board of the Ukrkoopsoil Ilya Gorokhovsky.

He emphasized the importance of developing domestic trade as an important sector of the national economy and drew attention to the role of consumer co-operation in this process.

Also, the first deputy head of Lviv regional state administration Rostislav Zamlynskyi addressed the participants of the conference. In his speech, he emphasized the social role of domestic trade in providing welfare to citizens of Ukraine and Lviv region in particular.

The rector of the University Petro Kuzyk in his speech drew the attention of the participants and guests of the conference to the importance of training highly skilled personnel for the domestic trade system and the need to adapt the educational process to the real requirements of employers engaged in wholesale and retail sales of goods.

Within the framework of the conference, three plenary sessions were held: "Theoretical and applied principles of development of Ukraine's domestic trade", "Practice of operation and innovation development of Ukrainian trade enterprises" and "Experience of development of national trading systems".

The next day the conference participants continued their work in sections. According to the conference materials, a collection was published, to which 273 theses were submitted.