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New Max-Market "COOP" in Chernigov: Knockout for competitors

Recently, the opening of the reconstructed MAX market "COOP" of the consumer co-operation company "CheKoS" of the Chernihiv oblast consumer association, which is on the street. Ivan Mazepa in Chernihiv.

In general, this is an important event for the city, because a new institution of trade solves the issue of providing the population with the necessary goods, creates jobs, and, of course, does not give a relaxation to competitors. The market was under heavy repair, that is, it was completely reformatted. They did everything to ensure that customers fully enjoyed the benefits of a cooperative network, appreciated the high quality of goods and services, a wide variety of assortment and adequate pricing, and as a result, became regular customers.

The feature of the updated format of the market is the "to go" department, equipped at the entrance to the store for those who are in a hurry. Coffee, tea, fresh pastries from your own bakery - they can all quickly buy and eat right here or while walking through the store.

In the market buyers are also offered a wide range of fresh vegetables and fruits, groceries, meat and sausage products, sweets. Daily delivery, new refrigeration equipment, constant and reliable control of storage times ensure the quality of products.

The own culinary and confectionery shops of the market are a real find for customers, because they can not only buy ready meals for lunch or dinner, but also order them for the holidays (these are seasonal salty and saffron vegetables, salads, hot meat and fish dishes, baking)

Also, the market sells exclusively fresh meat products of its own production: sausage home, sausages Munich, chevbachy, minced meat of four species. All these products are made in the meat shop of another maxi-market, which was renovated in late summer. In addition, guests can purchase semi-finished home-made beef, pork, turkey and chicken.

Co-sponsors have taken care of loyalty programs for customers who operate in this market and provide many benefits and bonuses.

On the occasion of the opening of a new store, the management of the supermarket chain prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for the visitors: all the guests were treated by the administration of the lion, the first customers made nice gifts and, of course, there were many promotional offers for various goods.