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Market "Zlagoda": there was a fall, but the rise was not delayed

One and a half million hryvnias a month are the current volumes of the turnover of the well-known market "Zlagoda" of the Zolotonosha PCT. This indicator is evidence that the market has regained its strong position in the trading market. A few years ago, in 2013, when the "Ecomarket" was opened near the market, the volume of turnover of one of the most powerful at that time in the system of consumer cooperatives of stores fell by 350-400 thousand UAH. In fact, this situation has prompted the hosts of the "Zlagoda" to take a number of measures to return the leading positions in the market.

The marketing intentions and application of merchandising techniques have helped realize the plans. For example, a modern convection oven of German manufacture was purchased and installed in the premises attached to the market. This made it possible to bake 22 names of products, which are sold monthly by 160 thousand UAH.

According to the chairman of the board of the Zolotonosha PCT V. Davydenko, the cost of the furnace and the work on its installation paid off for 6 months. The next step is to install technological equipment for selling PET bottles of beer (3-5 species), cider (10-12 species) and wine (8 species). It will add more than 40 thousand UAH. turnover per month.

A significant increase in turnover was also facilitated by the expansion of the range of fruits and vegetables, goods of the freche group, groceries (packed in modern packaging), grill installation. Partly redefined the trading floor.

It is also important that the modern paid toilet works.

In one premise there is a modern cafe, pharmacy and hairdressing salon. Everything is co-operative.