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Cherkasy cooperatives received a quarter of a million hryvnias of reimbursement under insurance contracts

The Chernobay and Zolotonsky districts suffered most from the weather that recently covered the Cherkasy region. Storm wind and hail, accompanied by a hurricane, plowed roofs from houses, knocked out windows and tore trees. Of course, as a result of such a disaster, many property were damaged, including the property of the organizations and enterprises of the consumer co-operation of the region.

However, for cooperators whose property was insured in the Insurance Group "Yu.BI.AY - COOP", it was easier to recover from the effects of bad weather. Only real estate and material and material assets of these two affected areas have already paid insurance compensation for 247 thousand UAH. after receiving the essential necessary documents about the cases that have come.

- It is impossible to insure from bad weather, but protecting oneself from its negative consequences is another matter! - noted the general director of SG "Yu.BI.AY - COOP" Andriy Moroz. - We are here (in the consumer cooperatives - the authorized car) in order to help and support our cooperative colleagues not only under our insurance contracts, but also to communicate with other insurance companies at the request of their clients who are denied payment, or victims of persons who have a legitimate right to receive the appropriate insurance indemnity. For good advice and recommendation, we will definitely not take the money, and sometimes such advice can help solve a big problem.

According to one of the leaders of the district consumer society of Cherkasy region, after receiving the payment of insurance compensation, he radically changed his attitude to insurance in general and understood why so much and for a long time was emphasized on the issue of proper property insurance: at real prices and with real protection. After all, when such precarious incidents occur, it is not a "paper for 50 UAH." But a real insurance contract with the "correct" insurance company.

The conducted operational payments of insurance indemnities for a number of enterprises of these two regions of Cherkasy oblast can also serve not only as an example of reliable work, but also for the more active implementation of the program "Insurance agent" in the matter of realization of insurance contracts of property, "autocivilists" and other types of insurance directly by employees Consumer Cooperative Systems for its customers and partners. After all, you can be confident only about who can really help you in trouble, which is confirmed by practice.

- Frankly speaking, the best advertising for us is the responses of satisfied customers, - said Andriy Moroz.