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The best teacher is 2017: when there is no limit to creativity

In the cooperative higher educational institutions of the 1st level of accreditation the contest "The best teacher of 2017" took place.

Competitive materials were considered by the Organizing Committee and the Competition Commission of Ukrkoopspilka, consisting of the chairman of the organizing committee of the Director of the Department of Personnel Policy, Education and Science, director of the UMC "Ukooposvita" Lidia Voynash, as well as members of the organizing committee L.M. Koval, rector of the Khmelnytsky cooperative trade and economic institute, KP Vinichenko, Director of Kharkiv Cooperative Trade and Economics College, LM Pikhotina, Director of the Novomoskovsk Cooperative College of Economics and Law. SV Litvinenko, and teachers of cooperative universities, among whom were the winners of the "Best Teacher" competition in previous years.

Representatives of 15 higher education institutions of the 1st level of accreditation of the consumer co-operation system of Ukraine competed this year in the contest.

According to the members of the organizing committee, the teachers-participants of the competition conducted a great preparatory work. And the quality of the competition materials has shown that they all took into account the recommendations provided by the UMC "Ukooposvit" according to the results of the "Best Teacher of 2016" competition. Teachers use modern pedagogical technologies, take into account interdisciplinary, intradisciplinary connections, combine theory with practice, conduct classes in the form of lectures, interactive lectures, presentations, etc.

And the most important thing. Following the results of the competition, the winners will be awarded, which will be awarded diplomas:

And the degree is Natalia Leonidovna Znhur - teacher of the II category of Novomoskovsk Cooperative College of Economics and Law. SV Litvinenko;

II degree − Olga Neoneta − teacher of the highest category of Kharkiv Cooperative Trade and Economics College;

III degree − Oleg Ivanovich Klapach − teacher of the Ternopil cooperative trade and economic college.

This contest contributed to the discovery and support of the creative work of teachers of cooperative colleges, to increase their professional skills, to popularize pedagogical achievements.

According to the results of the competition, in November this year, it is planned to hold a seminar with deputy directors of educational work and methodologists of cooperative colleges, which will be devoted to the organization of methodical work and pedagogical skills (on the examples of materials of the competition).