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About Trade Unions


Industrial activity started up as the consumer cooperation community was established, on the basis of small-scale manufacture of craftsmen and artisans. During decades, in primitively equipped premises they manufactured bread, products of fruits and vegetables primary processing, meat products and a diversified range of consumer goods. This industry of Ukoopspilka experienced a powerful boost of development at the end of the 60-s of the past century, after construction of bakehouses with confectionary shops, canning plants, meat-processing shops and soft drinks bottling shops. Later on, new production facilities were established, producing pasta and food fish products, as well as other food and nonfood consumer goods. The beginning of the 21st century was marked with a new stage of cooperative industry development, namely with technical upgrade and re-equipment of the existing material and technical infrastructure.

Currently, the production industry of Ukoopspilka features 265 enterprises and shops, and:

- 117 of them manufacture over 50 thous. tons of bread and bakery products (tin-formed and cob bread from different kinds of wheat and rye flour, including that of multi-blend flour, small-sized bun goods and those of up to 500 g, including pastry, cakes, small white loaves, round loaves etc.);

- as structural units of bakery facilities, there are 75 shops with the output of 3.5 thous. tons of confectionery pastries, and 16 shops with the output of 2 thous. tons of pasta products;

- 40 of them specialize in producing 3 thous. tons of sausage goods and other meat products (cooked sausages, frankfurters and small sausages, as well as semi-smoked, cooked-and-smoked and smoked products);

- there are 63 butcheries, producing over 4 thous. tons of meat and its by-products;

- 30 of them producing 1 thous. tons of food fish products (salted fish, salted herring, smoked fish and semi-preserved products);

- 10 canning plants and shops ensure production of about 5 thous. tons of preserved (vegetable products: tomato preserves, sauces and ketchups, canned vegetable snacks, salads, natural-pack vegetables, vegetable marinades, canned vegetable snack mixes, beverages; meat-derived products: canned meat and poultry, canned meat with vegetables; fruit-derived products: natural-pack fruits, fruit and berry compotes, concentrated fruit preserves, fruit juices, strained or chipped fruits and berries, fruit marinades).

- 19 of them bottle 745 thous. dal of soft drinks and 854 thous. dal of mineral waters;

- 49 of them manufacture other food (meat, bran, cereals, oil, vinegar, sweetened condensed meat, cheese, casein, butter, roasted sunflower seeds) and nonfood (joinery, wearing apparels, reinforced concrete products, metalwork, lumber, paving slab, windows, doors, insulated multiple glass units, concrete, tare, PET-bottles, bricks etc.) products.