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About Trade Unions

About Trade Unions
Volodymyr Pavlovych Levytskyi

Chairman of the Trade Union Central Committee

Obtained higher education, having graduated from Lviv Institute of Commerce and Economics in 1972. Worked as Head of Commerce Organization and Technology Department and Head of Economic Planning Department of Kyiv Region Consumer Society, Head of Administration of the Executive Committee under Kyiv Regional Council of Peoples Deputies, Deputy Head of the Finance and Economics Administration, Head of Human Resources, Education Establishments and Remuneration Department, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Ukoopspilka, and Chairman of the Trade Union Central Committee.

Elected Chairman of the Trade Union Central Committee on September 10, 2002 and re-elected by the 4th and 5th Congresses of the Trade Union in 2005 and 2010, respectively. Honored employee of the service industry of Ukraine and Honored member of trade unions of Ukraine.

Ganna Vasylivna Dorduka

Olexiy Mytrofanovych Tukalo

Deputy Chairmen of the Trade Union Central Committee

As at January 01, 2011 the Trade Union counts 75.7 thous. members, including 58.7 thous. employees of the consumer cooperation community of Ukraine; of them 73.2% are women, and 39.7% are young members up to 35 years old. Trade Union membership of the consumer cooperation community of Ukraine embraces over 96.5% of workers.

The structure of the Trade Union remained unchanged; however, the number of regional organizations was reduced by 3, that of district organizations was reduced by 242, and primary organizations were decreased by 4197.

The most numerous are regional organizations of Rivne, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Poltava, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr.

The supreme body of the Trade Union is the Congress convened every 5 years.

The managing bodies of the Trade Union are:

  • the Central Committee, comprising 77 members of the Trade Union;
  • the Presidium of the Trade Union Central Committee comprising 31 members;
  • the executive staff of the Trade Union Central Committee, represented by:

Lyudmyla Leonidivna Zyumchenko, Head of the Organizational Activity Department

Nataliya Viktorivna Orlyuk, Head of the Economic, Social and Legal Protection Department

The main documents which regulate the activity of the Consumer Cooperation Trade Union of Ukraine are the Trade Union Charter, the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine on Trade Unions, Their Rights and Operating Guarantees, and on Consumer Cooperation etc.

Priority tasks of the Consumer Cooperation Trade Union of Ukraine are:

  • representation and protection of labor, social and economic rights and interests of the Trade Union members before the state and employers;
  • protection of rights of the Trade Union members in terms of labor remuneration and full productive employment, as well as legal and social protection;
  • strengthening of commitment of the Trade Union members and ensuring its structure in compliance with the Trade Union Charter, as well as improvement of activities aimed at increasing member motivation;
  • improvement of organizational and legal practices of collective negotiations regarding signature of the Industry Agreement, as well as of regional and district agreements and collective contracts at the production level, and enhancement of their role in the system;
  • ensuring proper and safe employment conditions for the workers;
  • implementation of proactive staffing policy by means of introducing the Concept of working with Trade Union staff and active members;
  • improved funding of statutory operations of the Trade Union;
  • participation in arrangement of leisure activities, cultural and sports events, as well as of recreation facilities for workers of the consumer cooperation system and their families.

The Board of Ukoopspilka and the Presidium of the Trade Union Central Committee operate in compliance with the ongoing Industry Agreement. It is concluded as based on the corresponding provision of the General Agreement. The purpose of the Industry Agreement is to further develop consumer cooperation of Ukraine and improve the level of social and economic protection of workers.

The Trade Union Charter is regularly updated to align with the contemporary requirements and tasks which it serves.

The Central Committee pays considerable attention to observance of the statutory requirements and improvement of authority of the Trade Union, its elected officials and active members.

To this effect, leaders, workers and active members from all levels of the Trade Union take part in trainings, seminars, business games and exchange of experience. The chairmen of the republican and regional committees of the Trade Union attend the trainings together with representatives of the boards of the Crimean Consumer Society and regional consumer societies. At these training events, the speakers are leaders and specialists of Ukoopspilka and Trade Union Central Committee, professors and teaching staff of Lviv Academy of Commerce and Poltava University of Economics and Commerce, as well as lecturers from research institutes of Ukraine.

As a member of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, the Consumer Cooperation Trade Union of Ukraine takes active part in operation and activities of the FTUU.