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About Trade Unions


Provision of services to the population is one of the key operating areas of the consumer cooperation community. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens visit our companies every day to get various personal services. Those services include

  • car rent;
  • photographers services;
  • footwear mending;
  • clothing mending;
  • clock and watch repairing;
  • jewelry repairing;
  • household appliances repairing;
  • furniture repairing
  • photocopying;
  • dry cleaning;
  • massage cabinets;
  • funeral services;
  • soil cultivation.

Newly introduced types of services include catering (on the basis of the restaurant facilities), mobile phones repairing, computer maintenance, pillow restoration, tailoring of net curtains, curtains and tents, dental, designer and advertising services etc.

In this context, for instance, in Luhansk region, markets have the biggest development potential. State-of-the-art facilities function at the 'Market of Sverdlovsk city' Subsidiary, 'Rovenky Market' Subsidiary, 'Krasnodon Market' Subsidiary, 'Rubezhany Market', 'Central Market of Severodonetsk city', and 'Market of Stakhanov' city. The facilities feature a hairdressing salon, a beauty shop, clothing and footwear mending shop, and some other objects.

'Autorepair Complex' Production Association of Zhytomyr Region Consumer Society commenced tailoring of vehicle sheds and covers, vehicle tents and other items. Vacated premises of the Sectional Data Processing Center of Poltava Region Consumer Society, located in the heart of the regional center, were reequipped to provide gym services. Computer and communication equipment maintenance shop, and sewing shop are also rendering their services. Rogatyn District Consumer Society of Ivano-Frankivsk region has introduced the service of technical inspection and cleaning of flu ducts and vent pipes. For this purpose, the Society trained competent staff, prepared the corresponding documents and purchased the required equipment.