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About Trade Unions

Education and science

Ukoopspilka plays an active role in the domain of education and science. Its infrastructure comprises 23 higher education establishments, including Poltava University of Economics and Commerce, Lviv Commercial Academy, Vinnytsia Co-operative Commercial and Economics Institute and Khmelnytskyi Co-operative Commercial and Economics Institute. Additionally, specialists in various industries of the real sector of economy graduate from 19 colleges and technical schools of Ukoopspilka.

Annually, 12 thousand students graduate from our higher education establishments to be hired not just by Ukoopspilka companies, but by other field-specific employers in many regions of Ukraine.

At the international level, higher education establishments of Ukoopspilka cooperate with schools from over than 20 countries of the world, including UK, USA, France, Germany and Russia.

Ukoopspilka also pays particular attention to scientific activity. Higher education establishments of the cooperative community are engaged in scientific research following over 50 schools of thought, and investigate over 100 topics. Alongside with the scientific research of natural processes, technical inventions and development of new technological processes, other important areas of scientific research are problems of economy, ownership and production relations; setup and management of enterprises of various forms of ownership; formation of a market economic management mechanism; national market of products and services; employment market of Ukraine; food technologies and products; technological processes of food production.

On an ongoing basis, the establishments hold various scientific seminars and conferences, which allow their participants to exchange experience with other scientists both in Ukraine, and internationally.